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Welcome to Altran Corporation! We are proud to offer superior and high-quality custom electronic transformers and inductors. With extensive experience in various industries such as medical, x-ray, audio, oil exploration, new energy, gaming, and commercial sectors, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner.

At Altran, we prioritize flexibility and can handle orders of any size, from small quantity runs to large-scale production. Our exceptional capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart. We are dedicated to meeting all your needs.

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Company History and Background

Altran Corporation: A Legacy of Innovation, Resilience and Continued Growth

In 1982, Alan Stewart founded Altran Corporation in Wonder Lake, Illinois. Initially, it was a modest venture dedicated to manufacturing magnetic components for the telecom industry. However, the company’s trajectory changed when Dave and Peggy Peterson acquired the company in 1985. With their leadership, Altran Corporation transformed into a thriving family business, experiencing remarkable growth.

Altran Corporation’s outstanding quality and service attracted customers from a variety of industries, fueling their rapid expansion. Due to their impressive growth, Dave and Peggy Peterson achieved a major milestone in 2005 when the company further expanded its operations, establishing its global headquarters in Crystal Lake, Illinois – where it resides today.

Driven by their vision and dedication, Altran Corporation experienced phenomenal growth, expanding by a staggering 50% within a span of just two years. As the company’s range of magnetic components continued to expand, so did their capabilities and innovations. This remarkable success propelled the company to relocate to a larger 10,000 square foot facility to accommodate the thriving business.

During the span of over 40 remarkable years, Altran Corporation has thrived due to its infusion of passionate new family members, impressive young talent, and the unwavering commitment of its founding family. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of Altran Corporation, a legacy forged through innovation, resilience, and continuous growth.

Experience the captivating narrative of Altran Corporation, thriving for over 40 remarkable years. Discover the infusion of passionate new family members, impressive young talent, and the unwavering commitment of its founders. Join a legacy forged through innovation, resilience, and continuous growth.

Manufacturing capabilities and facilities

Altran has the manufacturing capabilities to produce any size order. We are cost efficient in providing relatively small prototype quantities, and extremely competitive in producing high volume runs.

As design and technology in the magnetics industry has rapidly advanced, equally has the sophistication of Altran’s manufacturing facilities. Our production equipment includes monitored, computer controlled automatic winding and wire wrapping machines for high volume runs requiring precision accuracy and concise tolerances.

Supplementing our high volume multiple winding and wrapping equipment, Altran utilizes shuttle-type winding machines for toroids, accurate heavy-duty machines for heavy gauge magnet wire, and specialized equipment for winding switch-mode components of the highest reliability.

The management and staff of Altran all recognize the crucial importance of meeting our customers production schedules. When placing an order with Altran, you can rest assured that it will be completed and delivered as per your requirements.


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